Prague Castle, Prague, Czech RepublicWe hope you enjoyed exploring the beautiful Right Bank of Prague with us in our previous post. This time, join us as we explore the Left Bank which we both found even more magical. We’ll take you to the amazing Prague Castle compound, show you the breathtaking vista of the city from Petrin Hill, and let you be charmed by the architectural cocktails, the cobbled streets and gardens in Mala Strana (“Lesser Town”), etc. 


On Charles Bridge with view of Prague Castle, Prague, Czech RepublicWe started the day by crossing the Charles Bridge from the right bank and enjoyed the sight of the left bank skyline from there.  Early morning is a good time to enjoy the bridge when the crowd is still thin.


Artist on Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech RepublicArtists in period costumes on Charles Bridge added to the old world atmosphere of the surroundings.


Canal on Kampa Island, Prague, Czech RepublicJust before the end of Charles Bridge on the left bank side, there are stairs that lead to the small but charming Kampa Island. It is separated from Mala Strana by a picturesque canal dotted with working water mills.


Canal on Kampa Island, Prague, Czech Republic

Ironically, this very serene canal in Kampa Island is called the “Devil’s Stream.” It is also known as the “Venice of Prague.”


Love Locks,  Kampa Island, Prague, Czech RepublicLove locks on Kampa Island Bridge.


Museum on Kampa Island, Prague, Czech RepublicHoused on the oldest water mill on the island is the Kampa Museum. It boasts an excellent collection of modern Czech and Central European arts.


Lenon Wall, Prague, Czech RepublicFrom Kampa Island, we crossed a small bridge that led us to a secluded park in Mala Strana where we stumbled into Lennon Wall. After the death of John Lennon, he became a pacifist hero to rebellious Czech youths. They painted this wall in a Velkopřevorské náměstí (Grand Priory Square) with his images.  The police keeps erasing them only to be repainted again and again.


Petrin Tower , Prague, Czech RepublicPetrin Hill in Mala Strana, reached via a dinky funicular, offers a delightful, tranquil rose garden. It is also the home to the Petrin Tower (seen in the background), called the mini-Eiffel Tower of Prague. The tower may not be the most pleasant sight in Prague but it offers the most spectacular 360-degree view of the city.


View of Old Town from Petrin Tower, Prague, Czech RepublicWe climbed the 299 steps to Petrin Tower and marveled the view of Charles Bridge and Old Town.


View from of Pague Castle Petrin Tower, Prague, Czech RepublicThe stunning view of Prague Castle complex from Petrin Tower.


Walking train between Petrin Hill & Strahov Monastery, Prague, Czech RepFrom Petrin Hill, there is a walking trail that leads to Strahov Monastery and it offers the most breathtaking walk in Prague.


Strahov Monastery, Prague, Czech RepThe 12th century baroque spires of Strahov Monastery tower over a tranquil hill that overlooks Mala Strana.


Strahov Monastery Library, Prague, Czech RepStrahov Monastery’s highlight is the magnificent Strahov Library.  This is the Theological Hall of the library, which was completed in 1697 and houses 200,00 volumes of old manuscripts including many versions of the Bible.


Strahov Monastery Brewery, Prague, Czech RepAside from ancient manuscripts, Strahov Monastery also houses an excellent brewery.


Dark Beer, Strahov Monastery Brewery, Prague, Czech Rep

We tried the dark beer at the Strahov Monastery brewery. We found Czech dark beers very delicious, surprisingly light with a hint of chocolate.


Loreto Monastery, Prague, Czech RepNot far from Strahov Monastery is the Loreta Monastery, another beautiful baroque place of pilgrimage that houses a bearded crucified lady and skeletons of two Spanish saints.


Cubist Architecture, Prague, Czech RepThe facade of Cernin Palace, built in the 17th century by Count Cernin as a residence. Today, it is the seat of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Road to Prague Castle, Prague, Czech RepThis street is part of the Royal Route that leads to Prague Castle.


Prague Castle, Prague, Czech RepOutside the main gate to Prague Castle.


Prague Castle, Prague, Czech RepOn the castle grounds.  Built in the 9th century, the castle is not comprised of one palace building but it is a huge complex comprised of several buildings, churches and courtyards.


St.Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Prague, Czech RepSome of the prominent spires in Prague Castle belong to St. Vitus Cathedral, a Roman Catholic Cathedral and the biggest and most important church in Czech Republic. Many Bohemian kings and Roman emperors were buried here.


St.Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Rep

 One of the stained-glass window in St. Vitus Cathedral.


St.George Cathedral, Prague Castle, Prague, Czech RepOne of the churches in the castle compound is the Basilica of St. George. It is the best preserved Romanesque church in Czech Republic.


Door Knocker, Prague Castle, Prague, Czech RepKeith playing with an ancient door knocker in one of the huge doors of the Old Royal Palace.


Street of Novy Svet, Prague, Czech Rep

The curving cobblestone street of Novy Svet Quarter, a enclave of colorful cottages where the castle staff used to live.


Colorful cottage in Novy Svet, Prague, Czech RepOne of the colorful cottages in Novy Svet.


A door in Novy Svet, Prague, Czech Rep

Keith standing in front of a door in one of historic Novy Svet homes.  They said that people way back then (9th century) were dimunitive in stature, hence, the small doors


Traditional Food and Beer, Prague, Czech RepLunch time!  A traditional plate of roast pork with Czech dumplings and a glass of pilsen.


Absinthe Bar, Prague, Czech RepWe passed by this absinthe bar in Mala Strana.  Interesting flavor…


Absinthe Bar, Prague, Czech Rep

  A window of many bells in Mala Strana.


Wallestein Garden, Prague, Czech RepHidden behind walls in a busy area of Mala Strana is the beautiful and relaxing Wallestein Garden. This tucked away treasure of Prague is a delightful world of formal Italian gardens, statues, fountains, ponds,  peacocks, etc.


Wallestein Garden, Prague, Czech RepOne striking feature of Wallestein Garden is the dripstone stalactite wall.


Pub in Prague, Czech RepBeer time at one of Mala Strana’s many pubs.


David Czerny Piss Sculpture, Prague, Czech Rep

The ‘Piss’ sculpture also known as ‘Proudy’ is a work of Czech sculptor David Czerny, known for his quirky and provocative scupltures.


Hot Air Balloon, Prague, Czech Rep

Hot air balloon ride over Prague.


Riverside Dining, Prague, Czech RepublicA romantic riverside dinner at Hergetova Cihelna.


Charles Bridge at Night, Prague, Czech RepThe view of Charles Bridge from the riverside restaurant at twilight.


Charles Bridge at Night, Prague, Czech RepCharles Bridge at night.


Mala Strana at Night, Prague, Czech RepExploring the winding cobbled streets of Mala Strana at night under the warm glow of old fashioned street lamps was one of our favorite things to do in Prague.


Mala Strana at Night, Prague, Czech RepThe streets of Mala Strana at night.


Mala Strana at Night, Prague, Czech Rep

Mala Strana at night.

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28 responses to “Magical Prague – Part 2: The Left Bank

  1. I have to say Prague is one of Europe’s most architecturally stunning cities I’ve visited – every turn, every corner at the Old Town part is especially mesmerizing. Thanks for bringing me back there!

    As someone who grew up in Davao and visiting the Holy Infant of Prague shrine there, it was very fulfilling to finally see the original statue at the Church of Our Lady of Victory.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hello Dennis,
      Very true, Prague is so architecturally stunning and one of most mesmerizing city. Glad we took you back there.
      I visited the Shrine of Holy Infant he first time I visited Prague. I was surprised to see many Filipinos there and the prayer posted in Tagalog. – Marisol

  2. Carrie Sieber

    What a truly beautiful and magical city. And you photographs are amazing and made me feel I was there in Prague with you. I had a great trip. Thanks!

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Carrie, we’re glad you had a great trip:)

  3. Kira

    What a wonderful photoessay. Your photographs gave justice to the beauty of Prague. Really awesome.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Kira, thanks for your lovely comment. We’re glad you enjoyed the photos. And thanks for always dropping by.

  4. Heather C.

    I’m researching for my trip to Prague with my family. I was looking for visuals so I was thrilled to find your site. Your pics are lovely. It’s great to see the spectacular sights that are awaiting us. Thanks for sharing your amazing pics and for making more excited about our trip.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Heather,
      Thanks, glad you found our site. You’ll have a wonderful time in Prague and I’m excited for you. If you think Prague is spectacular in photos, wait until you get there! Have a great trip!

  5. Dina Baez

    Hi I enjoyed exploring Prague with you through your lovely photographs. I love the architectures, the colors, your sense of fun, etc.

    • Traveling Solemates

      HI Dina, thanks for checking out our site. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Love love love your pics! I stayed only 4 days in Prague and most days it was very cold so I didn’t walk around much. Went walking in the Charles Bridge though and had a DIY Kafka Tour (haven’t written it yet). I arrived in Prague Castle at night, so I loved it that there were no people there at all. Took night pictures all by myself. Sigh. I miss Europe!
    Aleah | recently posted..Top 10 Apps for the Solo TravelerMy Profile

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Aleah, that was too bad. We hate walking around as well when its too cold but sounds like you made the most out of it. Looking forward to your post on Kafka tour.

  7. I love the architecture of the place! Totally a must see. I’m hoping to be able to set foot one day.

    • Traveling Solemates

      HI Elai, yes the architectures of Prague is simply breathtaking and the city should definitely be on top of everyone’s Europe bucket list. I hope you get to visit it someday soon. Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Amazing set of photos of you got of Prague. The Devil’s stream seems interesting. Although I have not been there, looking at these lovely pictures, its very tempting.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Top winter destinations of IndiaMy Profile

    • Traveling Solemates

      Thank you Shalu! The Devil Stream is really something. Hope you get to visit Prague soon:)

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Henry, we know what you mean. It’s hard to get enough of Praha.

  9. Natalie

    Gorgeous photos! We were only able to stay in Prague for a couple of days and definitely didn’t get to see near as much as you did. Your photos really inspired me to go back.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Natalie, thanks! I know 2 days is too short. I hope you get to go back soon and see more of Prague. We stayed for four days and wished we even stayed a bit longer.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Mary, that’s so exciting. You’ll love Prague. So many beautiful things to see and do with the kids. I’m sure my little siblings will have a blast. You have to check out Czerny’s other sculptures, too. You and the kids will definitely have a kick out of them.

  10. Jackie

    My partner and I are starting a summer in France and Italy with 2 1/2 days in Prague next month and Your photo essay re confirmed our decision to go there. You made it look very romantic. Counting sleeps.
    Jackie in Canada

    • Marisol

      Hi Jackie, I hope you enjoyed your trip.

  11. Irenka

    We love the photos you took from our restaurant and hope we can share them on our Facebook Page (, thank you for capturing the romantic mood that surrounds us!

    • Marisol

      Hi Irenka, feel free to share them on your Facebook page with proper photo credit.

  12. Joseph Rais

    Hello Marisol,
    I am very pleased that you like in our city. I love your site, I loved is now on for the first time. Your site is simply amazing! !! I am very glad that you are here in the Czech Republic! I recommend many beautiful towns in the Czech Republic. Certainly would you like “Český Krumlov”, Telč, Lednice-Valtice. which has an amazing atmosphere! Especially when the weather is nice. Also dreaming about travel, and visit the Philippines where I have a friend. Sincerely, Joseph. :-)

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