Skyline of Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam

A Saturday Stroll in Sunny Saigon

We were so excited to see a sunny blue sky when we looked out of our hotel window in our first morning in Saigon. We missed the sunshine. We just came from northern Vietnam where the clouds didn’t  allow the sun to peek almost the whole time we were there. We decided to spend the day strolling... Read more
Trap Door, Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnels: Viet Cong’s Underground Fortress

 If you’re traveling in Vietnam and you’re a war history buff like Keith, a visit  to Cu Chi Tunnel is a must. Cu Chi Tunnels are complex network of underground fortress dug beneath the jungles of South Vietnam. The tunnels were initially dug by Viet Minh guerillas as a safe haven during their battle with the... Read more
Boats and Karst on Halong Bay, Vietnam

Cruising Halong Bay: Still Beautiful, But….

After trekking in the northern highlands of Vietnam and exploring the buzzing streets of Hanoi, Keith and I thought that an overnight cruise on Halong Bay would be a perfect romantic and relaxing getaway for us. Read more
Vendor carrying his Yoke, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Have you been to a place where if you want to purchase a certain item, say shoes, all you have to do is go to Shoe Street and you will find an array of shops selling only shoes?  Sounds convenient,  isn’t it.  We found such a place in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. The Old Quarter is the historic soul of Hanoi... Read more
Tay Woman- Trekking in the Hillribe Villages around Bac Ha, Vietnam

Vietnam: Trekking in the Off-The-Beaten-Path Hilltribe Villages (Day 2)

The grandma of our host family. The first day of our trek from Bac Ha to its surrounding villages provided us with deeply rewarding cultural experiences. We woke up the next day feeling energized and excited for the new experiences that lie ahead on our trek back to Ba Cha. But we were also bit sad knowing... Read more
01_Trekking in the Hillribe Villages around Bac Ha, Vietnam

Vietnam: Trekking in the Off-The-Beaten-Path Hilltribe Villages (Day 1)

Most people travel to the hilltribe village of Bac Ha on a day trip just to visit its colorful Sunday market. Then off they go to the hill station of Sapa, the most popular trekking destination in the northern highlands of Vietnam. If they stay a bit longer, they would discover that Bac Ha and its surrounding villages offer... Read more
Flower Hmong Incense Vendor, Bac Ha Market, Vietnam

Vietnam: The Colorful Hilltribe Market of Bac Ha

We thought we have seen the most colorful of all markets in Pisac, Peru and Otovalo, Ecuador, but the market in Bac Ha topped them all. Bac Ha is a quiet and quaint hilltribe village in the highlands of northern Vietnam.  Every Sunday, it transforms into a bustling town when the different tribal groups from surrounding... Read more