Village of Armed, High Atlas Mountain, Morocco

Morocco: A Day Hike in the High Atlas Mountain

The spectacular High Atlas Mountain of Morocco is a hiking/trekking paradise.  Most trekkers flock here with the goal of ascending Mt. Jebel Toubkal, the highest  mountain in North Africa (4,167m/13,671 ft.). For those, like us, who do not have enough time to go for this popular ascent, a day hike in this scenic mountain is just... Read more

Morocco: Madness and Surprises in Marrakech

We finally made it to Marrakech, a vibrant city filled with exotic sights and sounds. It was colorful, it was hectic, it was madness!  It can be a sensory overload but as veteran street warriors of the medina of Fez, nothing overwhelmed us anymore! Read more
Village of Tamdaght

Morocco: Ait Benhaddou and Tamdaght

Ait Benhaddou is a “Ksar,” a fortified village in the foothill of the Atlas Mountain. This famous ksar was once a significant stop for traders carrying gold, salt and slaves along the caravan route between Sahara and Marrakesh. It was named a UNESCO Heritage Site and was a location of many famous films such as... Read more
The Sahara Desert Morocco

Morocco: Camel Trekking in the Sahara Desert

After a long travel from Azrou and some exhausting encounters with touts along the way, we finally caught sight of the spectacular Erg Chebbi, a large dune shaped by wind blown sands on the oasis of the Sahara desert. Read more
Barbary Apes in Cedar Forest in Azrou, Morocco

Morocco: Bhalil, Ifrane and Azrou

  We left Fez and made our way south.  We visited Bhalil,  a village off the beaten path known for its cave homes. We stopped for lunch at the Swiss-like town of Ifrane and ended the day in Azrou, a good base to visit the cedar forest that is home to Barbary apes. Read more

Morocco: Volubilis and Meknes

We had a great day trip to Volubilis and Meknes from Fez.  It was very interesting to explore two very distinct cities in one day. One used to be an administrative center of Roman Africa dominated by spectacular Roman ruins and the other used to be the imperial capital of Morocco dominated by high walls and greatdoors that enclosed  a medina, mosques and a... Read more

Morocco: Navigating the Ancient Maze of Fez

“Fez is really just the medieval city that it was…. Fez is the soul of Morocco.  It’s the last bastion of what Morocco really is.” –  Abdelfettah Seffar, a craftsman and cultural entrepreneur  (NY Times)  Read more