Isulukati Falls, Kalinago Barana Autê, Kalinago Territory, Dominica

Dominica: Hiking through Carib Indian Territory

A waterfall in the Carib village of Kalinago Barana Aute. We know it’s crazy, but the grueling hike to the Boiling Lake didn’t stop us from exploring more of Dominica’s trails.  We wanted to experience what Dominica boasts as the first long distance walking trail in the Carribbean – the 115-mile Waitakabuli Trail.   It was  too... Read more
Colorful shop in Roseau, the Capital of Dominica

Roseau: Dominica’s Colorful Capital

  In between our jungle adventures in the Nature Island of Caribbean we explored Roseau, the quaint but vibrant capital of Dominica situated along its coast. We had a pleasant time walking around its narrow  streets lined with colorful rickety wooden houses, buildings and shops. The vibe was very Caribbean with a hint of architectural... Read more
Hike to Boiling Lake, Dominica

Dominica: The Trek to the Boiling Lake

We followed our crazy but exhilarating canyoning adventure in Dominica with what the Lonely Planet dubbed as the Nature Island‘s “pre-eminent trek.”  A 12-mile roundtrip hike over very steep (mostly on steps and lots of switchbacks), muddy, wet, windy, foggy, rainy terrain – the Boiling Lake hike was indeed a trail to conquer. However, the trail is... Read more
Canyoning in Dominica

Canyoning in Dominica

Dominica, The Nature Island of the Carribbean,  is endowed with countless spectacular waterfalls. However, many of them are hidden in deep gorges that are beautifully sculpted by nature. We learned that there was a way to explore them and explored them we did – thru canyoning! Read more
The hike to Trafalgar Falls, Doominica

Dominica: The Nature Island of the Caribbean

We just returned from an exhilarating trip in Dominica, a  small island in eastern Caribbean with overabundance of unspoiled natural wonder.  It’s not your typical Caribbean island that promises a lazy day on the beach, but  it promises an ultimate Caribbean adventure.  It is only 29 miles long and 16 miles wide, but Dominica amazingly... Read more