If you have been to Berlin before and have seen all the must-see attractions or simply tired of the tourist track, why not check out many of its local scenes?  If you happen to be in Berlin on a weekend, I suggest that you head to Mauerpark, where a lot of Berliners flock on Sundays.

Located in a gentrified neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, Mauerpark (German for “wall park”) used to be a “death strip” before the fall of  Berlin Wall. “Death strip” was an area behind the East German side of the wall that was a  gauntlet of floodlights,  vicious dogs, soft sands (to show footprints),  trip-wire machine guns and patrolling soldiers with orders to shoot escapees on sight.

Death strip no more, Mauerpark is now a very lively zone that has become a popular place of recreation for Berliners. On Sundays, the park is a bustling tapestry of flea market, food stalls, artistic venue, outdoor karaoke and where people gather for picnic and games. Quietly looming above it all is a surviving section of the Berlin Wall.

I spent a good part of a day in Mauerpark when I was in Berlin last July when I stopped by for few days on my way to my week-long silent retreat in the Bavaria. (My first solo trip since I met Keith.) I had a delightful time watching Berliners go about their day at the park and spending my Sunday in Berlin like a local.

People walking to Mauerpark, Berlin, GermnanyWhen I got off the train (U Bahn) it was not difficult to figure out the way to Mauerpark.  I just had to follow the throngs of people heading to and coming from the park.

People watching a musician playing in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermnanyThe edge of the park was filled with people watchng music performances.

People waltching a dance performance in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermnanyAnd there was a dance/martial art exhibition not too far away.

People viewving outdoor art museum Mauerpark, Berlin, GermnanyThere is an outdoor art museum showcasing historical photos of the area.

People hanging out on a Sunday in Mauerpark, Berlin, Germnany

Groups of friends gathered on the expansive lawn for picnic.

People hanging out on a Sunday in Mauerpark, Berlin, Germnany


Clothing vendor in Mauerpark, Berlin, Germnany

At the heart of the Sunday at Mauerpark is the flea market.

Sunday Flea Market in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermanyDubbed as one of the best flea markets in Berlin, it features many stalls selling wide array of items like local designer t-shirts, vintage vinyls, trinkets, furniture, fashion accessories, etc. For tourists, there were some good souvenirs to be had.

Food Stalls in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermanyThe food court offering local and international fares is also a popular spot.

Beer Hall in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermnanyAnd, of course, it can’t be a recreational area without a beer garden.

Performance Amphitheater in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermanyFurther into the field, there is an amphitheater offering free performances by jugglers and magicians.

Karaoke at Amphitheater in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermanyBut the most popular entertainment kicks off at 3:00 pm – an outdoor karaoke!

People relaxing by Berlin Wall in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermanyOn the hill behind the amphitheater, locals relaxed on the benches next to one of the surviving section of the Berlin Wall that is now graffiti-covered.

A man spray painting on Berlin Wall in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermanySpray painting the wall over and over seem to be part of the Sunday fun at Mauerpark for some of the locals. Of course, painting with beer in hand makes it more fun.

Playground by Berlin Wall in Mauerpark, Berlin, GermanyThere is also a playground next to the Wall where family with children flock.

It was a nice taste of a slice of local life in Berlin. Learning the dark history of Mauerpark and witnessing its transformation into a lively zone made the experience very rewarding.


Travel Notes:

  • Mauerpark is easily accessible by public transportation.
  • There are a lot of cafes on the streets the lead to the park where you can stop by for breakfast before heading to the park.
  • It’s pleasant to walk on the streets around the park and admire the lovely facades of restored townhouses from 19th century.
  • If you want to learn more about Berlin Wall history, you may want to visit the nearby  Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial). It is a 1.4 km long interactive memorial that vividly documents the life with the Berlin Wall.


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8 responses to “Berlin: A Sunday with Locals at Mauerpark

  1. I went to Mauerpark on a Sunday too, and loved the fair and watching some kids spray paint the walls. I also spent some time on the swing. Berlin is such a complicated city. I liked/disliked it. Maybe someday if I spent more time there I would appreciate it more fully.

  2. Judging from your photos, this is the area to be on a weekend. I am departing to Spain in about three weeks and we are going to spend a weekend in Madrid and another in Barcelona. I have already plans to spend time where locals hang out during the weekends. I can’t be more excited.
    Ruth – Tanama Tales recently posted..Fossil Falls: A Surprise on the Eastern SierraMy Profile

  3. Almost hard to imagine the dark history of Mauerpark seeing it now so colorful and full of locals having a good time. But when in Berlin, that history is just about everywhere you go. I’d love to stop at Mauerpark and hang out with the locals next time in Berlin.

  4. Nancie

    What a great place to spend a Sunday. I’d love to do a little painting on that wall. When I was in Berlin the wall was still standing. Time for another visit! Thanks for linking up this week. #TPThursday

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