Tyn Church, Old Town Square (Stare Mesto), Prague, Czech RepublicPrague never lets you go…this dear little mother has sharp claws. – Franz Kafka

I visited Prague for the first time in 1999.  Its beauty and spirit captured me and I knew for sure that I was coming back.  I was excited to return with Keith and to show him this city that captivated me.  I wanted to step back in time with him on its timeless cobbled streets flanked by colorful buildings with fairytale architectures, as well as to savor the romance of the city. We spent four delightful days meandering around both banks of Vltava river. On this post, join us as we explore the stunning Stare Mesto (“Old Town”) and surrounding areas in the right bank of Vltava River.


Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, Old Town Square (Stare Mesto), Prague, Czech RepubliicThis is the breathtaking Old Town Square, it’s the heart of the Prague’s historic district and a good place to start your exploration of the city.


Gothic Spires of Tynn Church, Prage, Czech RepublicThe gothic spires of the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn tower over the Old Town Square.  Founded in 14th century, it was an important church for the Hussites who fought against the Roman Catholic Church for religious reform. Catholic Jesuits eventually took over the church and removed any Hussite symbols.


Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square (Stare Mesto), Prague, Czech Republic

The Astronomical Clock from the 15th century is one of the prominent features in Old Town Square. Its hourly chime, accompanied by movements of different figures,  attracts huge crowd.


Astronomical Clock on Old Town Hall Tower, Old Town Square (Stare Mesto), Prague, Czech Republic

Crowds gathered in front of the Old Town Hall Tower to witness the Astornomical Clock’s hourly show.


We climbed to the top of the Old Town Hall Tower to enjoy the spectacular view of  the city.


Crowds waiting for chime of Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square (Stare Mesto), Prague, Czech Republic The view of the crowds in front of Astronomical Clock from the top of Old Town Hall Tower.


Pageman, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square (Stare Mesto), Prague, Czech Republic  A pageman sounds a horn from the top of the Old Town Hall Tower after the Astronomical Clock’s hourly chime.


View of colorful roofs and rooftop bars from Old Town Hall Tower.

View of the colorful roofs and rooftop bars from Old Town Hall Tower.


View of colorful rooftops from Old Town Hall. Old Town rooftops.


View of colorful buildings and outdoor cafes from Old Town Hall Tower, Prague, Czech RepSome of the buildings and outdoor cafes that surround Old Town Square.


Pilsner Urquell Bar Signage,  Stare Meto (Old Town) , Prague, Czech Republic

The ubiquitous logo of Prague’s famous beer. Yes, we’re in the land of beer!
Trivia: Czech Republic developed the world’s first lager and has the highest per capital consumption of beer in the entire planet.


Beer at  Old Town Square, Stare Meto (Old Town) , Prague, Czech RepublicHaving our first pint at one of the bar/cafe that surrounds Old Town Square.


Fun ride at  Old Town Square, Stare Meto (Old Town) , Prague, Czech RepublicWatching people passing by and some women on a fun ride from an Old Town Square cafe.


Cobble Street, Stare Mesto, (Old Town) Prague, Czech Republic

 The classic cobbled street that Prague is famous for.


Walking around Stare Meto (Old Town) , Prague, Czech Republic.Prague is a great walking city.  You can meander around without a map and discover something beautiful at every turn.


Wakling around Stare Meto (Old Town) , Prague, Czech RepublicWe kept stumbling upon one lovely street into another.  We found ourselves heading to Powder Tower, the dark gothic building which is one of the old city gates and one of the symbols of Prague.


Street food  Stare Meto (Old Town) , Prague, Czech Republic One of the sausage carts in Wenceslao Square. Sausage is one of the popular street foods in Prague.


Puppeteer Souvenir, Stare Meto (Old Town) , Prague, Czech RepublicMarionettes for sale at one of the souvenir stalls in Wenceslao Square. They are Prague’s popular souvenir.


Brick name, Stare Meto (Old Town) , Prague, Czech RepublicGive Your Name To a Brick – a fundraising  activity taking place on several streets of Prague to aid people with mental impairment.


Museum of Torture Stare Meto (Old Town) ,Prague, Czech Republic

 One of Prague’s quirky museums.


 Sex Museum, Stare Meso, Prague, Czech Republic

Another quirky museum.


Shopping street, Stare Mesto (Old Town) Prague's Czech RepublicOne of the shopping streets in Old Town.


Tyn Church, Prague, Czech Republic

We found ourselves back in Old Town Square in early evening  when the spires of Týn  Church basked in golden glow.


Old Town Square Buildings, Prague, Czech RepublicThe beauties of Old Town Square enveloped with warm sunset glow.


People at a bar cafe in Old Town square, Prague, Czech Republic

Weary travelers taking a break at one of the classic bar/cafe at Old Town Square at the end of the day.


Metro Station, Prague, Czech RepublicPrague’s delightful metro stations are very colorful with stunning contemporary design.


Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech RepPeople crossing Charles Bridge, the historic bridge that spans Vltava River and one of Prague’s iconic landmark.


Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, Prague, Czech RepublicOne of the 30 statues standing guard on Charles Bridge seems to be pointing at Prague Castle on the left bank of Vltava River. (More of the castle on our next post).


Cafe Louvre, Prague, Czech RepublicPrague boasts of many grand old world cafes. One of them is Cafe Lourve, where we enjoyed a lovely brunch while delighting with the fact that Kafka and Einstein dined here, too.


Jewish Quarter, Prague, Czech RepublicThe museum in the Jewish Quarter known as Josefov. The Jewish Quarter dates back from 13th century when the Jewish community in Prague were forced to live in this one area.


Old Jewish Cemetery, Jewish Quarter, Prague, Czech RepublicSome of the 12,000 leaning tombstones in the Old Jewish Cemetery. Dating from the 15th century, it is said to be one of the oldest Jewish burial grounds in Europe.


Riverside Promenade, Prague, Czech Repubulic The promenade along Vltava River.


Frank Gehry's Dancing Building, Prague, Czech Republic

Located in Nove Mesto (“New Town”) is The Dancing Building (nicknamed “Fred and Ginger”) designed  by Bilbao Guggenheim architect Frank Gehry.


Plezanka Restaurant, Prauge, Czech RepublicDining at Plezanka Restaurant, a traditional Czech restaurant at the grand Municipal House.


Plezanka Restaurant, Prauge, Czech RepublicAt Plazenka Restaurant – me with dark beer and Keith with a pilsen. I ate at this same restaurant in 1999. Being a non-meat eater, the only choice in the menu for me was a vegetable which came swimming in butter. This time, the menu has changed with variety of healthy options.  Same is true for most restaurants in Prague.


Strolling in Stare Mesto at night, Prague, Czech RepublicWalking around Old Town at night.


Prague Castle at Night, Prague, Czech RepublicThe spectacular night view of the Prague Castle from Old Town.

For more of the Prague Castle and other areas in the left bank of Vltava River, please see our next post: Magical Prague Revisited – Part 2.


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19 responses to “Magical Prague-Part 1: The Right Bank

    • Traveling Solemates

      Thanks Kathryn!

  1. Nikki Santos

    Thank you for taking me to Prague through you amazing photos!

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Nikki, our pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Carrie Sieber

    You’re right!!! Prague is so magical. You beautiful pics capture the beauty and essence of the city. I felt I travelled there myself. It’s on top of my bucketlist!!

    • Traveling Solemates

      He Carrie, thanks for always dropping by. Glad you enjoyed Prague. Definitely put it on top of you budget list.

  3. Positively enchanting my friend! I love the picturesque architecture, clock tower and the Fred and Ginger building – what a contrast to the centuries-old buildings! Prague has long been in my bucket of dreams and your post has just moved it up a few notches! Gorgeous photography!!
    Jeff Titelius recently posted..A Visit to the Dolomites Mountains in Northern ItalyMy Profile

  4. Traveling Solemates

    Hi Jeff, Prague is truly is enchanting. I hope you get there pretty soon and enjoy the contrast of the old and the new. Your camera would love it there. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Aleah, I hope you can return soon. I look forward to your post of Prague.

  5. Carrie Sieber

    I know Prague is a beautiful city but your photos show that it’s much more gorgeous than I thought. It looks like a fairytale and so romantic. I can’t wait to see the Part 2.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Carrie, glad you enjoyed it. Prague truly is fairytale-like and romantic.

  6. Bama

    Lovely shots of Prague, Marisol! I have seen beautiful pictures of this city but yours are some of the most inspiring. They made me want to book a flight to Prague right away!

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      Awww…thanks Bama! What’s a nice compliment. I hope you get to get there right away!

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Scott, it is a lovely city indeed. Even the rooftops are so photogenic:)

  7. Prague does look magical. I have not been there but I have heard so many things about. I know a few people who has been to Prague for doing Medical studies at the Charles Medical College. Thanks for posting these wonderful images of the place.
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    • Traveling Solemates

      Hello Shalu, welcome to our blog and we’re glad you enjoyed the images. Prague is magical indeed. I’m sure your friends must have had a wonderful time in the city during study.

  8. Mary

    Beautiful pictures!! I visited Prague in 1992 when I lived in Germany (I was stationed at Ramstein AB). To me it is the most beautiful city I have ever visited, and after looking at your pictures, I long to go back. I purchased a crystal wine decanter with matching glasses when I was there and still have them; Prague is know for their crystal. Hopefully someday I will get back there, and thanks for sharing your photos!!! : )

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