Paris doesn’t need much introduction. As we all know, it’s beautiful, it’s romantique……. ‘nough said.

It was great to be back in Paris. Keith and I spent four awesome days in the city. We took it easy. We visited new places and explored some new ones, devoured on the exquisite food and wine, hung out in the lovely parks like locals, and just savoured the romance of the city. It was a great getaway for our second trip together.

Keith inside the Eiffel heart.

I broke my favorite sandals underneath the Eiffel Towel. Note to self: The least favorite sandals are normally the sturdier ones. Bring them next time.

One of our favorite things in Paris – the lovely bistros/cafes.

A bistro stop for wine and cheese near Eiffel.

A lone bike parked in front of the bistro. It’s a typical mode of transportation in the city.

Devouring the dessert at Le Dome,  a classic brasserie in Montparnasse known for its excellent seafood that are delivered fresh from Normandy everyday.

Lovely flowerbeds along Champs-Elysees.

Keith admiring the architectural details in Petite Palais, a museum of fine arts. The building itself makes a  fine exhibit.

Catherine de Medicis built this magnificent Palace de Tuileries after the death of her husband Henry II in the mid-1500’s. But it is more known for its beautiful large garden – the Jardin de Tuileries.

Jardin de Tuileries  is an expansive park where you can grab a chair and relax by the fountain or take a fun ride on the ferris wheel. It’s a good spot to unwind after a visit at the Louvre museum, which is just next to it.

An artsy metro sign.

A caffeine stop in the quarter of Louvre.

Locals chilling out with beer after work in Louvre neighborhood.

A sweet looking window.  You’ll see this kind of delectable display throughout the city. Patisseries are intergrated into Parisian life.

These salmon cakes look to die for.

The delicious baguettes that made Keith salivate and still crave for.

Bikes lined up along the sidewalk outside the shops in Latin Quarter in the Left Bank. This quarter has a very lively student atmosphere;  it is a home to Sorbornne and to several prestigious educational institutions.

Latin Quarter’s narrow pedestrian streets are lined with restaurants, bar/cafes, bookshops and cinemas. While having an aperitif at one of its bar, Keith was researching for the next dining stop.

A wineshop in Latin Quarter.

Louvre Museum in tranquility as we arrived in the morning.

The Louvre buzzing with crowds as we left by midday.

Louvre inside out. Looking into an old wing of the museum from underneath the pyramid.

Louvre inside out. Looking into an old wing of the museum from underneath the pyramid.

The movement inside the busy museum.

After visiting the more popular exhibits at the Louvre, we had a fun visit at the Egyptian section where there was a huge mirror with giant reflections.

Notre Dame Cathedral

 River Seine

 Musician on the Seine.

This elegant building is Hotel  de Ville, the city hall of Paris.

 The funky facade of Pompidou Centre, a cultural complex that houses a vast public library, a movie theater, a music center and the largest museum for modern art in Europe, Musee National d’Art Moderne.

People watching a street performer in Place Georges Pompidou, the square in front of Centre Pompidou.

A street artist working on a steel horse in Place Georges Pompidou.

Right next to Place Georges Pompidou is a vibrant open space called Place Igor Stravinsky. It features kinetic sculptures and modern fountains that were inspired by Stravinky’s music.

A luscious fountain in Place Igor Stravinsky.

Always hungry, Keith was checking out the crepe menu in Place Igor Stravinsky.

A cafe in Marais, one of the oldest quarter of Paris and one of my favorites. It has the feel of being in West Village in Manhattan but with different achitectures. This trendy quarter in the right bank has been one of the most coveted residential district in the city. One of the spots I love in Marais is Place de Vosges, a picturesque and relaxing square surrounded by beautiful assymetrical apartments built by Henry IV in the 17th century. Napoleon called it the jewel of Paris. Keith napping at Place de Vosges. One of the beautiful apartments surrounding the square is reflected in his lens. Victor Hugo lived here in apartment #6 while writing Le Miserables.

One of the kids playing in the square refused to part with the water fountain.

The beautiful arcade in one of the buildings in Place de Voges.


Rue Monterguieil in the 2nd district is one of our favorite streets in Paris. This pedestrian only street is full of life and not touristy. It is lined with charming shops and cafes.

We enjoyed having an apperitif of wine and champagne at one of Rue Montorguiel’s outdoor cafes while watching the activities on the street.  Life is delicieux……

Fashionable women riding old-fashioned bikes is one of the pleasing sights in Paris.


One of our favorite Parisian spots – the Musee Rodin – not only because we are fans of Rodin’s work but also because of its tranquil surrounding. lts delightful garden is one of the most relaxing spots in the city.

Relaxing time in the garden of Musee Rodin.

The other half of the legendary cabaret in Pigalle.

Hang on, there’s more on Paris – Paris Exploring the Hills of Montmartre.


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Travel Notes:

Travel Date: July 2007

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