Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

Antarctica: Lemaire Channel, Booth Island & Full Moon

Journey to Antartica Aboard the National Geographic Explorer – Day 6 The Lamaire Channel Early this morning we sailed through the most narrow and most scenic passageway in our voyage, the Lamaire Channel.  Seven miles long and one mile wide, this picturesque channel is dubbed as “Kodak Gap.” Towering, jagged cliffs greeted us as we entered this narrow channel that maybe challenging to... Read more
Ahu Akivi, Easter Island, Chile

The Mysterious Statues (Moai) of Easter Island

We’re taking a break from our Antarctica series to share with your our experiences and the things we have learned from our interesting post-Antarctica destination.  From the remote white wilderness of Antarctica, we hopped to the most remote populated island on earth – Easter Island. After the icy adventure, we thought that it was a perfect place for us... Read more
Ice covered mountains in Ciera Cove, Antartica, National Geographic Exploere, Lindblad Expeditions

Antarctica: Icescapes, Killer Whales & Night Hiking

Journey to Antartica Aboard the National Geographic Explorer – Day 5 We were still feeling exhilarated from the penguins galore and sea ice walk from the day before.  We thought that nothing could top the beauty and excitement of that day, but to our delight it got better each day. Zodiac Cruising on Cierva Cove We experienced more... Read more
Adelie Penguins in Brown Bluff, Antartica, National Geographic Explorer, Lindblad Expeditions

Antarctica: Brown Bluff, Penguins Galore & Sea Ice

Journey to Antartica Aboard the National Geographic Explorer – Day 4  The day after our exhilarating first Antarctic landfall in Deception Island,  we were blessed with an even more rewarding polar experience – our first encounter with a penguin colony,  a glacier hike,  sailing through beautiful ice field, and walking on sea ice. We made a continental landing... Read more
Deception Island, National Geographic Explorer, Antarctica Expedition

Deception Island: Our First Landfall in Antarctica

 Our Journey to Antartica aboard the National Geographic Explorer – Day 3 We awoke on this day knowing that the infamous Drake Passage was behind us. Thank god! It felt quite a relief to be smooth sailing on a pleasant, calm water again. After breakfast, we crossed the 60th parallel south, the geopolitcal demarcation of... Read more

Antarctica Expedition: Sailing from Ushuaia & Crossing the Drake Passage

Our Journey to Antartica aboard National Geographic Explorer – Day 1 to 2  We hope you enjoyed the preview of our journey to Antarctica.  As promised, here’s the first installment of the day-to-day detail of our expedition. We were surprised to have received so many questions about our experience on this trip  – How did you get there? Did you get sick?... Read more
Antarctica Ciera Cove Glaciered Mountain

Our Journey To Antarctica: A Preview

We just concluded our biggest adventure by far –- an amazing expedition to Antarctica with National Geographic Expeditions. We were deeply moved by the pristine beauty of the White Continent and were in awe of its rich wildlife. We hiked in glaciered mountains, walked on sea ice, cruised and kayaked on breathtaking bays and harbors.... Read more
The Visvanath Temple, Khajuraho, India

The Temples of Khajuraho

They are exquisite temples with some of the finest temples arts in the world. They are built as a place where Gods love to play. They are well-admired for their intricately carved statues of  Hindu gods, deities, mythological beings and ordinary humans, but it is for their erotic sculptures that they are more famous for. Erotism in... Read more
Women praying in Ganges River, Varanasi India

Varanasi: Morning Rituals on the Ganges River

It was a chilly November pre-dawn in Varanasi when we made our way back to the Ganges River to witness the morning rituals in this holiest city of India. We found the evening rituals very spiritual, poignant and fascinating and looked forward to witnessing the morning observance. It turned out even more fascinating. Our morning boat ride... Read more