Verdors at Pisac Market PeruWe visited the picturesque Andean Village of Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It’s a quiet village that comes bustling on Sundays when the locals from surrounding towns converge in its market to sell and barter their produce.  The vibrant market attracts a lot of travelers who come to buy local handicrafts or to just enjoy its lively, colorful scene.   


Vegetable stalls in Pisac market in Peru

The vegetable section in the market.


Dyes for sale at Pisac Market Peru

Colorful dyes for sale in the market.


Corn Vendor at Pisac Market Peru

The corn vendor.


Sleeping vendor at Pisac Market, Peru

A sleeping vendor.

Giggly shopper in Pisac Market in Peru

A giggly shopper.

Boots for sale at Pisac Market in Peru

Exotic boots for sale.


Shopping for shoes at Pisac Market in Peru

Mother and daughter shopping for shoes.

Pisac Market, Peru

Keith checking out the woven products.


Coloful plates for sale at Pisac Market in Peru

Colorful plates for sale.


Chessboard for sale at Pisac market in Peru

Chessboard with Inca warrior pieces for sale.


Women weaving in Pisac market Peru

Women weaving in the market.


Vendors, Pisac Market in Peru

The vendor in blue asked us to take this photo but the vendor in red was too camera shy.


Little girls in Pisac market in Peru

Young girls roaming around the market.


Bakery in Pisac Market in Peru

The bakery in the market.


Women drinking chicha, a nasty beer made of corn.


snack of corn and tea at Pisac Market Peru

We had a delightful snack of corn, cheese and cocoa tea at one of the cafe balconies, a good place to people watch and see the goings on at the market.


Travel Notes:

Best time to go: I arrived at the market in the morning the first time I visited the market in 2000. It was terribly crowded as the bus loads of tourists come in the morning. On this visit, we arrived in the afternoon shortly after lunch and it was a lot less crowded; there were more locals and very few tourist. It was a more pleasant time to walk around, shop and observe local activities.

Getting there: We took a taxi from Cuzco and the driver offered to wait and take us back to Cusco. We paid about $15 round trip.  You can also take a bus, which runs frequently to and from Cuzco, or you may sign up for a bus tour from Cuzco.


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9 responses to “Peru: The Vibrant Sunday Market of Pisac

  1. Jan Sullivan

    Oh my, oh my, what a colorful market. You photos make me more excited about my trip! I can’t wait to get there and experience for myself those vibrant scenes. I hope I can capture them beautifully on photos like you did.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Jan, we also can’t wait for you to get there. We know you’ll have a terrific time. We’d love to see your photos.

  2. Carrie Sieber

    Hey Marisol & Keith, I so love this place and photos. It’s a very exotic, very colorful. I felt transported to a completely different world. Another place on my list.

  3. Traveling Solemates

    Hi Carrie, Yes, It’s amazingly colorful. Hope you get there soon:)

  4. Kara D

    I thought the market in Ecuador that you posted earlier was so colorful, but this one is much more colorful! What a feast to the eyes. Amazing photos. After my Morocco trip, I’ll definitely look into a South American adventure.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Kara, it’s a feast to the eyes indeed. Definitely put Peru on top of you list if you want to experience a colorful cultures.

  5. Jeff Perez

    Your weblog is stunning. Your destinations and photographs are all very spectacular. Your photojournals are very transporting – perfect for an armchair traveler like me! Thanks for sharing therm. -Jeff

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Jeff, our pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it. Drop by again soon.

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