Do you want to see Mt. Everest and other Himalayan peaks so close that you can almost touch them and without any physical exertion?  We did just that.

Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, Nepal via Buddha AirOur trip in Nepal was not long enough for us to do long treks to or around the Himalayan peaks.  However, we found an alternative way to enjoy a close encounter with the glorious Himalayan peaks without trekking.  We booked a scenic mountain flight over the Himalayas dubbed as the “Mt. Everest Experience.”  Aside from Mt. Everest, we also observed many other grand Himalayan peaks during the flight. It was spectacular.


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, Nepal via Buddha Air Our flight took off from  the domestic airport in Kathmandu at 7:00 am for an hour of breathtaking tour. Each passenger enjoyed a window seat in the 19-seater aircraft.


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, NepalTaking off from Kathmandu.


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, NepalFlying over Kathmandu Valley. The houses looked like ants crawling all over the valley,


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, Nepal

It was a beautiful clear day and we could see the sheer beauty of  the valley, the rivers, the glacier mountains below and ahead of us.


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, NepalScenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, NepalBreathtaking…


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, NepalAnd finally, the mother of all mountains came within our view. Mt. Everest is the majestic one on the left. Just behind it is Lhotse, the 4th highest mountain in the world. The high peak on the right is Makalu, the fifth highest in the world.


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest, NepalAnd in a surreal moment, we were face to face with Mt. Everest.

This shot was taken from the cockpit of the plane. Each passenger was allowed to step into the cockpit one at a time for an opportunity to get an optimum view and shot of the Everest.


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest, Nepal

Contrary to what some people believe, the mountain flights do not fly “over and around” Mt. Everest. It only hovers over the south side of it. Going around it means encroaching over Chinese territory and the flights are not permitted to cross the border.


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, Nepal


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, Nepal


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, Nepal


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, Nepal


Scenic Mountain Flight over Mt. Everest and Himalayas, Nepal


Travel Notes:
  • There are several airlines that offer scenic flights over the Himalayas. We took Buddha Air, which has been known to be one of the most realiable. They offer flights everyday all year round (weather permitting). There are several departures in the morning  starting ag 6:30 am. The current rate for the flight is $193 per person, plus additional $20 if you need hotel pick-up and drop off.
  • You can book the flight directly through Buddha Air’s website or you can book with travel companies in Kathmandu, but they may charge higher rate.
  •  Avoid the middle seat on the plane. The tail can obstruct the view.
  • The best time to take the scenic flight is between September and May when the sky is at its clearest.

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72 responses to “Mt. Everest Experience: A Scenic Mountain Flight in Nepal

  1. Mike

    My eyes just lit up when I saw the title to the post, Marisol and Keith! Anything Everest has my undivided attention. I’ve read so much about it all of my life and watched every documentary or Discovery climbing show I could find! $193 seems like a steal of a deal and I would do that in the blink of an eye! This is probably my all time favorite post of your’s to date. Thank you, thank you for sharing this! :)

    • Hi Mike, really? Didn’t realize you had that much passion for Everest. In that case, you will enjoy the mountain flight. If you have that much interest, the flight rate is really quite a steal.

    • Thanks Corrine. It was really awesome to be in the cockpit.

    • Hi Seana, thanks!
      Oh wow, we’ve read so many accounts of how spectacular the view of the Himalayas are from Pakistan. We really hope you get to see Everest someday.

  2. Beth

    What stunning photos! I didn’t realize how blown away I was going to be by this post. I’ve been to a lot of countries, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • HI Beth, our pleasure. We’re so please that we have blown you away!

  3. Freya

    WoW those photos are absolutely stunning ! I’m going to do the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek next month but I still have quite some days left in Kathmandu. After seeing these photos, I think I will take a scenic mountain flight like this as well.
    Freya recently posted..Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – Day 4My Profile

    • Hi Freya, thank you! Good luck on your trek. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’ve hike to the Everest base camp on Tibet side but would love to go to the Nepal side someday as well. I hope you get a chance to take the scenic flight.

  4. OH MY GOD you guys were in Nepal! Mt Everest though! Ufh que fancy! Love the photos guys! Will be in Nepal in the fall season and can’t wait to see all of those things. I may not do Everest but good to jbl about the flight-tour option.
    Antoinette recently posted..I’m Moving to CaliforniaMy Profile

  5. Leigh

    On a commercial flight into Kathmandu many years ago I caught sight of Everest and was quite literally awestruck. It would be hard to imagine how magnificent it would be to see it so close. Even from a distance I had to keep pinching myself.
    What a treat to do this flight!!
    Leigh recently posted..A Tour of the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) in Quebec CityMy Profile

    • Hi Leigh, you were lucky to see Everest from a commercial flight! We have flown over the Himalayas on commercial planes many times and we didn’t have any luck of sighting because most of the time it was covered with clouds. This scenic flight is great because it flies below the clouds. I’ve seen Everest from the base camp on Tibet side but seeing it from the this plane still made me awestruck. -Marisol
      Marisol & Keith recently posted..Mt. Everest Experience: A Scenic Mountain Flight in NepalMy Profile

  6. Oh good heavens! These are stunning, absolutely stunning, photos! I love the name of the airline and if I were to find myself there, would certainly consider taking a flight like this one. What an incredible experience and thanks for sharing these with those of us out in blogosphere land..
    Jackie Smith recently posted..Lana’i: Laid-Back LuxuryMy Profile

    • Hi Jackie, our pleasure. We’re glad you enjoyed it. We also liked the name of the airline – made us feel peaceful and safe:)

    • Hi Jan, thanks. Yes we were lucky indeed to have a beautiful, clear day. They cancel flights when the weather is not so good.

    • Thank you, Dick! We’re pleased you enjoyed the photos.

    • Hi Salika, welcome back!
      Thanks! Yes, the plane ride absolutely provide great views.

  7. Looks like an awesome experience and the images are stunning! It would be even greater if the plane flew around the mountain.
    Rachel M recently posted..The Nairobi Safari WalkMy Profile

    • Hi Rachel, it truly was an awesome experience. I read that it’s possible to fly around the mountain on a private flight but it will take an enormous amount of paper works. I can understand that getting permission to fly over China’s territory will take a lot of time and energy.

  8. Beautiful photos! Going into the cockpit is an extra bonus. I didn’t even think about trying to fly to see Mt. Everest when we were in Tibet. I had hoped to see it as we were heading in or out but never did. What a wonderful experience for the two of you. I thought you only went to Bhutan and didn’t realize that Nepal was part of the trip, too.
    Michele {Malaysian Meanders} recently posted..Prayers of Hope for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370My Profile

    • Hi Michele, thanks. It’s really not easy spotting Everest from a commercial flight. We flew commercial flights over the Himalayas many times but had no luck seeing it. They actually don’t offer this scenic flight from Tibet so you didn’t miss anything. We did this trip earlier and was not part of Bhutan trip.

  9. Johanna

    Fabulous! What a flight. We lived in the foothills of the Himalayas for a couple of years but had to get to the mountains the hard way! This flight would have been just up my alley, so to speak. Great photos!
    Johanna recently posted..Lazing around and looking for dolphins at LancelinMy Profile

    • Thanks Jo. I wouldn’t have mind going up the mountain the hard way, I’m sure it is rewarding. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  10. Oh my lordy, these are spectacular captures. i’m sure it was way better seeing them with own eyes. It’s a good thing they have this option for those who not only have time to climb, but also are unable to do so. Thanks for sharing this incredible experience.
    Photo Cache recently posted..Cancun: Drive By ShootingMy Profile

    • Thank you, Maria. It’s absolutely more magical seeing it in person.

  11. Wow These are some spectacular photographs of your journey. The best souvenirs.

    • Hi Marcia, it truly was breathtaking. I think we pinched ourselves to the point of getting bruised:)

  12. Noel

    Wow, looks like a dream trip for me…I would love to hike to base camp and this is just as wonderful. The views and images are pretty good considering the airplane glass you have to shoot through, all the nice detail and shadows are wonderful, good job!
    Noel recently posted..Exploring Murano, Travel Photo Mondays #36My Profile

    • Hi Noel,
      Aww..we’re so please you liked the photos. The window glass were actually the cleanest and clearest we had seen. I guess it was because the flight was meant as a touring flight, they made sure that the window glasses were very clean.

  13. Marisol! This is stunning! What an incredible experience. Nepal is quickly floating to the top of my list for countries I want to visit. Thank you for stopping by Baker Stories and noticing my blogging absence! You are the sweetest. We have done some restructuring of our sites and I am actually blogging from a slightly different url now. ( Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!
    Erica Baker recently posted..Happy St. Patrick’s DayMy Profile

    • HI Erica, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the adventure we shared Looking forward to see your new site.

  14. Wow, that looks like an awesome experience! I would love to try that someday! 😀 And your photos are so amazing!!
    MIchelle recently posted..A Midnight Bazar in MunichMy Profile

    • Thanks Michelle! We really hope that you get to experience this trip someday.

  15. Love this new format:-)

    And what a gorgeous tour! Even if I had the time to do a proper Everest hike, I would definitely choose to see it this way, lol. You guys captured some beautiful shots!
    Jess @UsedYorkCity recently posted..From The Lips Of A LocalMy Profile

  16. Simply stunning! Now, this is my type of trekking. What a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I didn’t know excursions like these existed to see Everest. I’ve got something to add to the bucket list again. Definitely worth the price and I can’t even begin to imagine the beauty of Everest that close.
    Mary {The World Is A Book} recently posted..Wandering through Wallenstein Palace Garden PragueMy Profile

    • Hi Mary, Ha! Ha! Glad you enjoyed this type of trekking! It’s definitely worth the price. We really hope you get to experience it soon.

  17. Bama

    What a surreal experience it must be! I’ve never thought of flying near Mt. Everest until I read this post. That is such a great alternative to the arduous hike to the top of the world many are unable to do. Superb photos!
    Bama recently posted..Sai Kung: A Paradise, A Home and A PastMy Profile

    • Marisol

      Hi Bama, thank you. I have seen Mt. Everest from the base camp in Tibet side, but seeing it upclose from the air was still very surreal. It really is a great option for those who don’t want to hike.

  18. Love love love your photos, Marisol! That picture of Everest from the cockpit is to die for! I’d only seen the Himalayan range from Pokhara and I was already awed by it. What more if I had been in this flight? It’s too expensive for me though. Maybe someday I can afford it haha

    • Hi Aleah, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I hope you can return someday and be able to do this flight It was a magical experience. It will be worth every cent.

  19. Jayne machin

    Hi absolutely loved your photos, what an experience, we are going to nepal in November for a few days from India and booked a flight, only to be told we can still do the flight but the EEC don’t recommend it from safety aspects as nepal has a bad record.
    In a quandary now, as your photos and experience go against what we have been told, what is your view

    • Marisol

      Hi Jane, I’m sure every authority would consider almost every country as having bad records. Obviiously, we didn’t have any untoward incident. We felt comfortable with our airline and crew. I knew and read about many people who took the flight with no problem. I suggest that you do your research to make you comfortable about taking the flight. Have a wonderful travels in India and Nepal
      Marisol recently posted..South African Safari ExperienceMy Profile

      • Jayne machin

        Thanks a lot for that, and many more happy travels Jayne

  20. chud

    Wow! The photos are so great. I wish i could see mt everest as well =)

  21. sarika

    Planning to visit in jan 2015. Do these flights ply in winters too

    • Marisol

      Hi Sarika, they fly all year round, weather permitting.

  22. Sandy

    I was very glad to see your posts….very beautiful pictures! Great information. Best thing is you’re information has helped calm my anxiety about doing this. My husband and I are signed up to do this tour from Kathmandu on Christmas Day (2014). Thanks for the info about a possible blocked view from the middle seat. Does it matter on which side of the plane you sit?

    • Marisol

      Hi Sandy, what a nice thing to do on Chrismas day! You will have an amazing time. We sat on the right side and we had wonderful view. I think it doesn’t matter what side you sit as long as it’s not in the middle seats. Have a wonderful trip!

  23. I was very glad to see your posts….Very beautiful pictures and information you did.. Book the Mountain Flights in Nepal via .. Enjoy your Everest scenic flights with us

  24. This is a unique Everest experience during which you’ll see the mountain up close, by air. This is the perfect opportunity for aerial views of Mount Everest

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