People relaxing by Berlin Wall in Mauerpark, Berlin, Germany

Berlin: A Sunday with Locals at Mauerpark

If you have been to Berlin before and have seen all the must-see attractions or simply tired of the tourist track, why not check out many of its local scenes?  If you happen to be in Berlin on a weekend, I suggest that you head to Mauerpark, where a lot of Berliners flock on Sundays. Located in... Read more
Arts, Paintings in Berlin Wall's East Side Gallery

The Murals on Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery

It has been 25 years since the fall of Berlin Wall but the expression of global euphoria of that historic time remains vivid on the longest surviving section of the Wall. Along the Spree River, the real border between East and West Germany, a section of the Berlin Wall on the eastern bank was left intact and... Read more