Beachfront of Friday's Resort, Boracay, PhilippinesAlthough sad that my family left Boracay early, Keith and I were glad that our last two days In Boracay were all sunshine after some overcast days! They were perfect days to explore other parts of the island and to soak in the sun.

Day 4

Boracay Island, PhilippinesReady for a morning run.

Boats on Boracay Island, PhilippinesWe headed to the southern most end of White Beach and this was one of the many sights that caught our attention along our way.

Scuba tanks, Boracay Island, PhilippinesScuba tanks on the shore. Boracay is a good diving destination.

Bouy, Boracay Ilsland, PhilippinesColorful Boracay bouys.

Willy's Rock, Boracay, PhilippinesA popular landmark on the shore of White Beach is a rock formation called Willy’s Rock.  Pious locals flock here to pay homage to the statue of Virgin Mary on top of the rock.

White Beach, Boracay Island, PhilippinesThis normally crowded part of White Beach was very quiet early in the morning.

Fishing Nets, Boracay, PhilippinesFishing nets resting for the day.

Wedding Gazebo, Boracay, PhilippinesWe reached the southernmost part of White Beach and found this wedding gazebo. Boracay is popular for destination weddings and romantic getaways.

Strolling on the Ilsland of BoracayStrolling along the southern end which is popular among backpackers.

Tricycle in Boracay, PhilippinesTricycle is a principal mode of transportation on the island.

Massage by the Beach, Boracay, PhilippinesOur favorite island indulgence – massage on the beach! For about $6 an hour, we had one everyday.

View of Lapuz-lapuz Beach from Mt. Luho, Borcay, PhilippinesWe climbed to Mt. Luho, the highest point in Boracay. This is the view of Lapuz-Lapuz Beach, located on the northeastern part of the island, from the  top.

View of Bolabog Beach from Mt. Luho, Boracay, PhilippinesThe view of Bolabog Beach from the top of Mt. Luho. This beach is located on the windy  east side of the island and is popular spot for kite surfing.

Kite surfing in Bolabog Beach, Boracay, PhilippinesKitesurfing on Bolabog Beach.

Monkeys in Mt. Luho, Boracay, PhilippinesTwo of the playful monkeys on Mt. Luho. “Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me?”

Sunset in Boracay, Philippines,Beautiful sky burst!

Day 5 – Our last day

Beachfront of Friday's Resot, Boracay, PhilippinesThe beautiful beachfront of Fridays Boracay, our lovely home for our five-day stay on the island.

Suite and Balcony in Fridays Boracay, PhilippinesOur lovely suite in Friday’s Boracay – the bedroom, the seating room, the balcony and the view from the balcony.

Friday's Resort, Boracay, Philippines

On our last day in Boracay, we simply relaxed, enjoyed the beach, the sunshine and the scenes on the beachfront.

White Beach, Boracay Island,  PhilippinesHappy feet!

A boy and a dog in Boracay Island, PhilippinesSandy boy!

Taho Vendor, Boracay, Philippines

Trivia: Boracay’s sands are super fine they don’t get hot.

Sunglasses Ventdor, Boracay, Philippines

A sunglasses vendor.

Little girl on Whtie Beach,  Boracay, PhilippinesA charming girl playing on the beach.

BoracayI hope you enjoyed exploring the beautiful island of Boracay with us.  I also hope that someday you can come visit my home country and experience for yourself its beauty as well as the warmth and hospitality of its people. As they say, It’s more fun in the Philippines!

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Getting there:  Boracay is served by two airports – Caticlan and Kalibo. The flight from Manila to both airports is about one hour long. However, Caticlan offers the shorter route. From Caticlan airport, you only need to take a 20-minute boat ride to reach Boracay. From Kalibo, you need to travel by bus or private minivan for about 2-2.5 hours to Caticlan and then take the boat ride to Boracay.

Where to stay: Boracay offers a wide range of accommodation from budget to high-end. Most accommodations are situated along White Beach, which is divided into three sections:
  • Station 1 is in northern part of White Beach where the high-end resorts are situated. If you want a less crowded and finer beachfront, this is the best area to stay.
  • Station 2 is the area for mid-range accommodation.
  • Station 3 in the south end holds a large concentration of budget options. This area is popular for backpackers.

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      Hi Jenny, yeah! Hope you get to go soon!

  1. Kira

    Wow, its truly is a paradise. I wish I can be there right now. Too cold here in NYC today. Love the photos, as usual.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hey Kira, thanks! We also wish we were back there right now.

  2. Love your pics! Soooo colorful. Can you believe I’ve been halfway around the world, but never been to Boracay yet? I’ve always associated it with romance, so I’ve promised myself not to go there alone 😀
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      Huh!!?? Aleah, that’s a shocker!!! You seemed to have combed every part of the Philippines and you haven’t been to B? We think you should go. Who know’s that’s where you may find romance:):)

  3. So lovely, Marisol, I don’t know how you do it (obviously with a lot of talent), but your photos are my all time favourite. Just stunning :)
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      Oh Sarah, that’s a huge, sweet compliment, especially from someone who produces beautiful photos herself.

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      Hi Biqque, our pleasure. I wish you and your husband a wonderful time in Boracay! I look forward to your post about the trip.

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