Boats in Boracay Island, PhilippinesBoracay is only one of the 7,000 plus exotic islands in the Philippines.  But this tiny island is one of the country’s gems.  Its picture-perfect white sand beaches have earned Boracay numerous acclaims as “one of the best islands in the world.”  For Keith’s very first visit to the Philippines, I thought Boracay would be a perfect first stop to introduce my home country to him. 

The Water of Boracay Island, PhilippinesThis is the alluring water of Boracay that keeps seducing me back to the island. This is my third visit to Boracay. The first time was in the late 1980’s when the island was still without electricity and the power at the handful of resorts was battery generated. Today, the island is much more built-up and more commercialized. However, its beauty and charm still remain and hard to resist.

Day 1

Boracay Island, PhilippinesAfter more that 20 hours of travel from New York – that  included 3 flight segments and a boat ride –  I was happy to finally arrive in Boracay, but most of all I was excited to reunite with my precious family who came to spend few days on the island with me and Keith.

Boracay Island, PhilippinesThe beautiful and tranquil beachfront of Friday’s Resort in a late afternoon.

Boracay Island, PhilippinesEnjoying the beautiful view of the beach as my family, Keith and I took a relaxing late afternoon stroll along the shore.

On our first evening in Boracay, my family, Keith and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and entertainment at Paradiso Grill. Boracay offers a wide variety of dining option from street food stalls to fine seafood restaurants.

Day 2

Boracay Island, PhilippinesAn early morning walk along the northern part of the 4 km White Beach, the most famous beach of Boracay.

Boats in Boracay Island, PhilippinesBoats docked in the northern end of the island in an early morning.

Water of Boracay Island, PhilippinesThe sky was overcast but the water was still colorful. My nephews enjoyed a morning dip and a bonding moment with Uncle Keith.

Red Boat, Boracay Island, Philippines Keith and my nephews finally had enough of the water. Docked on the shore is a lovely floral red canoe.

Boat Ride, Boracay Island, PhilippinesOne of the popular activities in Boracay is to hire a boat and hop to its surrounding islands. My family enjoyed the boat ride despite the cloudy sky.

Island hopping to Magic Island  from Boracay Island, PhilippinesOur first island stop was Magic Island, a very tiny, craggy island that offers a spectacular view of the ocean and neighboring islands.

Fresh seafood, Boracay Island, PhilippinesOur boatman grilling the fresh seafood and vegetables that we purchased in the market just before when got on the boat ride.

Fresh seafood BBQ, Boracay Island, PhilippinesThe hungry bunch hovering over the grill.

Magic Island-Boracay, PhilippinesPicnic time on Magic Island! Keith said that these prawns were the freshest and the sweetest he ever ate.

Snorkeling in Boracay Island, PhilippinesThe water to sail to other islands was choppy that day and we decided into sail to calmer water where we could snorkel. Boracay is great for snorkeling.  My family enjoyed swimming with schools of fish on this spot.

Coconut vendor, Boracay Island, Philippines

A floating coconut vendor approached our boat as we were snorkeling.

Banana Boat Ride, Boracay Island, PhilippinesAll set for a fast and exciting banana boat ride, another fun and popular activity in Boracay.

Boracay Island, PhilippinesFresh from the excitement of banana boat ride, my family was discussing if we should go for another round.

Skimboarding, Boracay Island, PhilippinesMy nephew learning to skim board.

Boracay at Night, PhilippinesWalking back to the hotel in the late afternoon as bars and restaurant along the beach was starting to set up for the evening.

Fire Dancing at Bamboo Lounge, Boracay Island, PhilippinesThat night we enjoyed a fire dancing performance at one of the lounges along the beachfront.

Day 3

Looking for fish, Boracay island, PhilippinesThe boys trying to catch fish with their hands.

Looking for Crabs, Boracay Island, PhilippinesMy brother and nephew looking for crabs.

Boracay, PhilippinesWhile the boys were playing on the beach, the girls went to the lively D’Mall for souvenir shopping and for some ice cream. Aside from shops, D’Mall is also lined with huge variety of dining options.

Trinkets for sale, Borcay Island, PhilippinesFor trinket shopping, we checked out the stalls that lined along the beachfront.

Boracay Island, PhilippinesOur last lunch with my family before they left Boracay:(  They had to leave early as the kids had to go back to school.  Keith and I stayed two more days on the island and reunited with them few days later in our hometown.

People waliking on the beach, Boracay Island, PhilippinesThat afternoon, we strolled along the beach as threatening clouds loomed above.

Rainy afternoon in Boracay Island, PhilippinesAnd the rain came.

Tinikling Dance performance at Friday's Resort, Boracay Island, PhilippinesThe rain came pouring harder in the evening.  It gave us a reason to stay in at the resort and enjoy the cultural show featuring traditional Filipino dances.

Fortunately, the rain went away and the next two days were all sunshine! Keith and I had a great time exploring other parts of the island. For Part 2 of this post, please click here.

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12 responses to “Boracay Island: At Home in Paradise – Part 1

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Jenny, yes you should go! When you do, I recommend you stay in the nothern part of the island, which is referred to as Station 1. The hotels are pricier in this part but the beachfront is a lot less crowded and much more pleasant than the other parts. I hope you get to go soon!

  1. Carrie Sieber

    How beautiful! I remember reading about Boracay in Travel Leisure as one of the best islands of the world. I hope I can visit it someday. Looked like you had an awesome time with your family.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Carrie,
      Yes, Keith and I had an awesome time with my familly. I also hope you can visit there soon.

  2. Kira

    What a spectacular spot. Looks like a great destination to unwind after a long trip and to reunite with your family. Your niece and nephews are adorable! No wonder you’re so crazy with them.

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Kira, I know. Aren’t they precious? It was really great to have a chance to unwind before Keith met the rest of my huge family:)

  3. Bama

    Looks like you had a great time, Marisol! Despite the overcast sky, the beach and the turquoise water looked really hard to resist. Oh and the sweetest prawns that Keith has ever tasted? I can imagine how fresh they were because only fresh prawns taste like that.
    Bama recently posted..Within the Walls of IntramurosMy Profile

    • Traveling Solemates

      Hi Bama, it was a great time indeed. It was wonderful to have my family with us for few days. Those prawns were just out of the fishing boat when we bought them and they couldn’t be any fresher:)

    • Traveling Solemates

      Aww…thanks Sarah! Aren’t they wonderful, especially my niece and nephews!

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